International Travel On A Bicycle

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How many college leavers still do this today? In fact, how many are able to do this. Take a gap year and travel across and around Europe, but on a bicycle. The continent may be ancient and far-reaching, culturally speaking, but it is still a small continent by land mass. And the many roads and pathways that have been specially created are ideal for bicycle travel. How many guys and girls get as far as crossing their own state lines, never mind leaving the country with their bicycles and kitbags packed in.

Before leaving on any road trip, make sure that you have taken care of all your international bicycle part orders. Packing them in should not be too difficult, because the few must-have essentials are not large and heavy, so much that you would have to pack it into a crate. These few essentials can be packed onto the back of the bike. Things like spare rubber tube linings, a repair kit that covers all aspects of the bicycle, and even the proverbial rear view mirror can be packed in.

international bicycle part orders

Because stuck out on the open country roads with nary a town in sight for many miles, you are not going to have any help should your bicycle ever break down. And even if you managed to reach a small country town, a so-called one horse town even, who’s to say that there is going to be a hardware store in town, never mind a bicycle repair shop. So, there you go, before you go traveling anywhere in this green-friendly and healthy way, do make sure that you are prepared for every and any eventuality.

Like sleeping out at night under the stars. And would you have enough space on your bike for that? Sure you will.