Run like a Wildebeest
10k run/walk, 5k run/walk, Little Wildebeest run on track
Where: Flushing, Michigan
When: Late April
The Flushing “Run like a Wildebeest” Run has quickly gained the reputation as one the most well run events in Genesee County. 2017 will be its 6th year and if the momentum continues, over 650 participants should descend upon Flushing. The run is dedicated to the memory of Greg Flint, who died suddenly in 2011. Proceeds from the event go to the Flushing High School Cross Country Team and many other important causes like the Thomas Smith Memorial Foundation, a charity that helps with heart screening among high school and middle school athletes. This event exemplifies the values and ideals of gCARES and we look forward to participating in 2017!

Linden FirstTry Triathlon
300 yard swim, 9 mile bike, and 2 mile Run
Where: Linden, Michigan
When: Mid June
The “First Try” Triathlon is an entry level triathlon in Linden County Park and throughout the Linden, Fenton Twp. area. The event includes a 300 yard swim in Byram Lake, a 9 mile bike course encompassing 3 municipalities, and a 2 mile run in the Linden County Park. With first-time triathletes on an open course our role of looking out for participant safety is ever more important. The large footprint of the course has been a challenge gCARES has proven to be an invaluable asset for. Amateur radio has quickly shown our value by providing real time course communication throughout multiple agencies and race leadership. Perennial Sponsors Fenton Winery & Brewery and CycleFit of Fenton are friends to amateur radio! 2017 will the 3rd year gCARES supports the Linden Triathlon and it has been unanimously voted to be a favorite amongst every operator that has come out! The positive supportive energy is contagious, we look forward to 2017!

Huckleberry Hustle
5k, Little Berry Dash
Where: Crossroads Village, Genesee Township, Michigan
When: Mid July, Thursday Evening Event
The Huckleberry Hustle is a 5k within historic Crossroads Village. A family oriented event that includes a “Little Berry Dash” and a cross county 5k sponsored by the Crim Fitness Foundation. 2017 will be our 3rd year gCARES plans to participate. Our only event within a closed contained course, this event serves as a perfect opportunity to train new operators, Net Control Stations (NCS) and Event Coordinators. To perfect our skills as operators we use a simplex frequency leaving the comfort and reliability of a repeater. gCARES operators are encouraged to bring family and enjoy a ride on the carousel and Ferris Wheel after the event!

Atwood Stadium Run
10k / 5k
Where: Atwood Stadium, Flint, Michigan
When: Mid July
Formerly known as the Durant Tuuri Mott run, this is one of the oldest runs in the Genesee County. Amateur radio has played an integral part of this run for over 20 years! The Atwood Races is widely regarded as a pre-training race preparing the community for the Crim Festival of Races. The event donates proceeds to charitable groups like Carriage Town Ministries. gCARES looks forward to seeing this event continue to grow and supporting it once again in 2017!

Crim Festival of Races
Internationally known 10 mile “Blue Line” run, 8k run/walk, 5k run/walk
Where: Flint, Michigan
When: Late August
2016 will be the 40th year the Crim Festival of Races has been hosted by the City of Flint. 15,000 participants, and over 10,000 spectators, the Crim is by far the largest event in the City of Flint and Genesee County. Amateur radio has participated in the Crim for over 25 years in multiple capacities. This year will be a “festival of amateur radio”! gCARES plans to have over 50 operators spread out on the 10 mile course, serving as real time situational awareness to first responders and race officials. Operators will also be staffed at the command post, start/finish line, and medical tent. In addition to the public service side, in cooperation with the Genesee County Radio Club, gCARES will be hosting a Special Event Station to commemorate the 40th Anniversary. W8ACW will be operating on 40 meters, 20 meters and 2 meter simplex. This will be a great way to engage the public and further promote the hobby. We are beyond excited for this year’s Crim Festival of Races!

Tour De Crim
10 mile bicycle event on the famous Crim blue line
Where: Flint, Michigan
When: Late September
The Tour De Crim is a non-competitive bicycle event on the famous Crim blue line. Hosted by the Crim Fitness Foundation and sponsored by HealthPlus, the Tour De Crim is a favorite amongst gCARES volunteers. A controlled course, our presence on the course is extremely important for participant safety. “It is such a great feeling knowing there is so many (amateur operators) on the course looking out for our safety” said Annie of Grand Blanc. 2017 will be gCARES 3rd year supporting the Tour De Crim. We look forward to be out there!